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            Hikvision v5.5 Configuration Guide

            SADP Tool

            Please ensure you’re on a system running Windows. This is a requirement to run Hikvision’s SADP Tool which you’ll be using to configure your Hikvision cameras.

            Internet Explorer is required to perform the configuration. 

            Download the Hikvision SADP Tool

            Activating the Cameras via SADP

            Once the SADP application has been installed connect your laptop to the POE switch where the Hikvision cameras are located and run the SADP tool.

            Once the SADP tool loads, it will populate a list of connected cameras. To activate these cameras perform the followings steps:

            1. Select the checkbox next to the listed camera you want to configure.

            2. Check Enable DHCP

            3. Set an administrator password. The use of special characters is not advised.

            4. Click Modify to save the above changes, followed by Refresh.

            5. Double click the IPv4 address listed for the camera you wish to configure. This will allow you to access the camera settings.

            If SADP launches the connection in any browser other than Internet Explorer, copy and paste the information in the URL bar from the current browser window to Internet Explorer.

            Illegal Login Lock

            Configuration > Security > Security Service > Uncheck the box next to Enable Illegal Login Lock > Select Save and wait for confirmation.

            Disable OSD (On Screen Display)

            Configuration > Image > OSD Settings > Uncheck the boxes next to Display Name and Display Date > Select Save and wait for confirmation.

            Integration Protocol (ONVIF)

            Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Integration Protocol. If this option does not exist, configuration of the camera is complete. Otherwise, add an ONVIF user with administrator privileges (you can use the same username/password you set for camera login). Select Save. Check the box next to Enable ONVIF. Select Save.

            When adding a Hikvision camera that includes Integration Protocol - provide the ONVIF user credentials to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS dashboard, not the root username/password.

            Camera not supported? Check here on how to request support.​

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