Where do I find the Attach ID?

Where do I find the Attach ID?

The Attach ID of your bridge should be located on a sticker to the top of your unit. If you've misplaced this label or a label wasn't provided, please follow the steps below to recover your Attach ID.
You will need to contact Eagle Eye Networks Support for your bridge or CMVR username/password.

Using a Monitor connected to the bridge
  1. Connect an HDMI monitor and a USB keyboard to your bridge/CMVR.
  2. You should be presented with a login prompt - if not, press on your keyboard
  3. Please use the login information provided by your Eagle Eye Networks Support agent.
  4. When the menu is displayed, select System Info and press the Enter key
  5. Locate the Attach ID in the list

Using PuTTY

This option requires Windows
  1. Download and install Putty (<<< click on Putty to download)
  2. Ensure your laptop's network interface is set to DHCP
  3. Connect your laptop directly into the CamLAN port of the bridge/CMVR
  4. Run Putty
  5. Type into the Host Name bar
  6. Type 22 into the Port Name bar
  7. You may receive a PuTTY Security Alert, select No
  8. Enter the username as admin, press the Enter key
  9. Enter the password which is the last 5 digits of your bridge serial number (EEN-BR***-12345) and press the Enter key
  10. Select System Info and press the Enter key
  11. Locate the Attach ID in the list

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