Viewing and Downloading Historical Video

Viewing and Downloading Historical Video

Viewing and Downloading Historical Video

Historical video refers to video that has been recorded by the cameras and uploaded to the cloud.  So long as cloud retention is enabled, each camera will have its own historical video that can be accessed and downloaded or archived.  This article will explain navigating the  Historical Video and downloading the video.  For an in-depth explanation of  Archiving, please go to  >>>LINK<<< 
1.  Find the camera you wish to view recorded video from on your dashboard. 
2.  Click   next to the camera to view  Historical Video
 Historical video can also be accessed through the  Layouts tab by clicking the same icon in the upper right corner of the camera.
      3.  A window will pop up that contains the recorded video from that camera.  
The amount of recorded video depends on the retention settings on that camera.
Historical video that is out of retention CANNOT be recovered.

Tour of the Historical Video Window

      A.  The time and date are displayed in the top right corner.  
      B.  The time is also displayed here.  
      C.  Here you can choose to view the time in increments of 1 minute, 10 minutes, 2 hours, or 8 hours.
      D.  The numbers along the bottom row designate the date. 
            B.1   Click the   button to navigate to the latest recorded Video.  
            B.2  Click on the time to navigate to a specific time.  
         B.3.   Click the   calendar button to navigate to a specific date.  


      E.  Use these buttons to move forward or backward one frame at a time.
      F.  Zoom in and Zoom out on the video.
      G.  The blue indicates an event (motion) where full video recording has taken place.
      H.  Click the question mark to find out more about the Historical Video window including timeline colors, keyboard shortcuts, and PTZ controls.  
      I.  Click  Save to Download or Archive a section of video.
      J.  Click here to take a snapshot of the current frame displayed in the video. 
      K.  Click here to copy the location of the video to the clipboard. 
The link can be shared with other account users and it will take them directly to a specific place in the video.  
      L.  Navigation controls.  

Downloading Video

Downloading Video from the Cloud

It is recommended to download one clip at a time. Note that the maximum length of a clip is 8hrs to ensure efficient download. If you require more than 8hrs of footage for legal purposes, please reach out to Support for assistance in acquiring the video.
The length of a clip and its resolution affects the file size, which in turn, affects the bandwidth necessary to retrieve. When downloading high resolution or longer length clips, please be patient and do not queue up another download until the initial request is fulfilled.

      1.  Navigate to the time and date that you wish to download in Historical Video. 
**Not necessary if you know the exact time and date of the video you wish to download.
Hold Shift and click where you wish the video to start and stop.   This will automatically fill out the time fields for you when the download window pops up.  

      2.  Click   and the download window will pop up.  

                  A.  Chose the start and stop points of the video you wish to save.  
                  B.  Select the type of video.


                        B1. Video:  Downloads the video where events in full video recording are combined into a single video.  
                        B2.  Bundle:  Downloads a ZIP file that contains different full video recording clips where events triggered recording.
                        B3.  Preview Timelapse:   Downloads the video from the Preview video stream
Preview timelapse is useful in cases where the motion was missed and the event was not captured by the full video recording. 
If this happens frequently, motion settings in the camera may need to be adjusted.    
                  C.  Description of the video. 
                  D.  Check the Time Stamp box in order to put the Time onto the clip of the downloadable video.  

      4.  After the fields are filled out and the options are selected, click the  Download button    . 
This button downloads the video from the cloud, not to your computer.  You can download the video to your computer from the Downloads tab.  

Downloading Video to a Computer

      1.  Navigate to the  Downloads tab on the main dashboard.  

      2.  Locate the video you need to Download to your computer.

      3.  Click the   Local Download button, and this will save the file to your computer.

Eagle Eye downloads all video in MP4.

The video must be downloaded while it is still in retention. Video cannot be downloaded if it is out of retention because the video has already been deleted from the cloud. 

For support please email: 

or give us a call at: 512-473-0501

Eagle Eye Knowledge Base

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: +81-(3)-6869-5477

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