Requesting Device Support

Requesting Device Support

Unsupported Devices

While Eagle Eye currently supports 3,000+ cameras and a number of other devices, we are constantly developing support for newer models due to the sheer number of cameras on the market.   Non-supported cameras and devices may show up in the Eagle Eye Dashboard with a message  “this device is not supported” after the name, and the “+” icon is replaced with an envelope icon as shown below.  If the device you are trying to add is ONVIF compliant and shows as unsupported, please request support.  

Our current list of supported devices can be found here. It’s always best to review this list before purchasing cameras for your Eagle Eye Networks system.

Requesting Support

1.  To request support click on the envelope icon under Actions next to your camera in the list of available devices .

If your device doesn't appear in the list, please check that ONVIF is enabled. Need help configuring your camera? Please check out Knowledge Base for guides on how to configure your specific brand.  If the camera does not show in Available Cameras and you have enabled ONVIF, you can request support by emailing Please include the model information, login credentials and the IP address of the device.

2.  A window will pop up asking for specific information that we can get from the camera (i.e. Make, Model, IP address.) You will need to provide some additional information such as your contact information as well as the username/password for the camera.  

The root username/password is required to create support.

3.  After all fields are filled out, request support by clicking Submit.

Please leave the camera connected to an online bridge while we develop support.  If the camera is disconnected from our platform, we will not be able to work on the device.

Once a camera support request has been submitted, it will take approximately 2-5 weeks to develop support. During this process, we may contact you to verify the information.  We will notify you as soon as support has been completed. If you have any questions email Camera Support directly on the support request email chain.

For support please email: 

or give us a call at: 512-473-0501

Eagle Eye Knowledge Base

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: +81-(3)-6869-5477

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