Recommended Camera Settings

Recommended Camera Settings

Recommended Camera Settings


Version 2.0


When integrating a third party camera with your Eagle Eye system it is necessary to preconfigure the device to ensure optimal operation. 

ONVIF Protocol

If the camera supports ONVIF ensure this functionality is enabled. 

It is the most optimal way to integrate a camera with the video management system.

In most cameras this setting is located in the Network section under Integration Protocol.

Stream Settings

Eagle Eye supports a wide range of cameras and we have found that these are the best settings.

  • The MainStream (Recording) should be set to H.264 encoding at 12 frames per second (fps).

  • The SubStream (Preview) should be set to MJPEG encoding at 8 fps.

Analytic Settings

Any analytics within the camera should not be enabled as motion detection, and other analytics, are processed by the Eagle Eye Bridge. 

Camera analytics can cause constant motion detection in the video management system among other complications.

Miscellaneous Settings

Integrating a third party camera may require some further configurations to ensure the best performance.

Eagle Eye recommends to disable the following:

  • IPV6, Zero-Config, Bonjour, UPNP

    • These give devices multiple IP addresses which can cause the system to attempt to connect to these, resulting in video loss.

  • Illegal Login Lock

    • Login Lock prevents cameras from reconnecting after a loss of connectivity. 

    • When a device goes offline the system will attempt to login to the device constantly to restore connection. Eventually the system will be locked out of the camera.

  • HTTP

    • Eagle Eye does not utilize HTTPS.

    • Some devices will only allow one to be enabled so ensure HTTP is enabled for the Eagle Eye system.

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