Bridge Swap Guide

Bridge Swap Guide

Bridge Swap Guide

The bridge swap process allows you to replace your offline bridge with a new unit without losing your camera recordings.
When swapping a CMVR, please contact Support to ensure data is retained, if possible.
The process consists of three steps:
  1. Add the new bridge to the account.
  2. Click the Swap icon.
  3. Click the Confirm Replace option.
Please follow these steps to replace the bridge.

IMPORTANT!!  Do not delete cameras or the Eagle Eye Bridges/CMVR from the dashboard when performing a swap or all video on the cloud will be deleted as well.  This is unrecoverable

There are a few prerequisites for executing a bridge swap:

  1. The original bridge must be offline and disconnected.
  2. The replacement bridge must be connected in place of the original bridge using the new power supply.
  3. The replacement bridge must have network connectivity.
  4. The replacement bridge cannot be attached to another account.

Performing the Swap

All recordings that are stored locally on the former Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR will be lost if a Bridge Swap is performed.

1. Add the new bridge via the Ellipsis "…" icon on the Bridges/ Cameras header.

If you do not see the Ellipsis "..." icon then you do not have the permission to add devices to the account and cannot perform the swap. You must have your permissions updated by an admin on your account or your reseller. Eagle Eye is not authorized to swap the device on your behalf or make changes to your account permissions.

A new window will open and you will add the bridge with the Attach ID provided and name the bridge "Swap".

Once the bridge swap is complete, the name of the original bridge will transfer over to the new bridge along with all other settings.  

2. A Swap button  will appear next to the original offline bridge once the new bridge is added and shows as online. Click the Swap button next to the offline bridge and select the new bridge, "Swap".

3. Click Replace, and confirm the swap. You will see the "Tag" update next to the offline bridge with the new serial number. 

Clicking "Confirm Replace" will replace the bridge. All cameras attached to the original bridge will transfer over to the new bridge, and the recordings will be preserved. The new bridge and all cameras should come online within ten minutes. If any cameras remain offline please reboot your camera switch. If any issues arise please reach out to our support team.

For support please email: 

or give us a call at: 512-473-0501

Eagle Eye Knowledge Base

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: +81-(3)-6869-5477

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