How to Request Support for Eagle Eye Products

How to Request Support for Eagle Eye Products

Requesting Support

This article details the proper way to submit a support ticket so we can best ensure that your questions are answered or issues resolved.  

Before submitting a ticket or email for a question, please search our Knowledge Base at  The Knowledge Base contains a large amount of useful information right at your fingertips! 

The Information We Need for Processing a Support Request

      1.  Name
      2.  Email Used to Log in to Eagle Eye Account    * * * *REQUIRED
      3.   Account Name  * * * *REQUIRED
      4.   The Bridge Serial number
The bridge serial number can be located on the Dashboard of an Admin's account.  The number will appear under the Tag column next to the bridge, and in the bridge settings under Bridge Information.  The serial number can also be found on a sticker attached to the bridge.  
(ex.  EEN-BR###-#####).  
      5.   Master/Sub Account ID  (optional)
      6.  Description of Issue.
      7.  Pictures or videos of the issue.  (optional)
Please provide us with the most information as possible so we can solve your issue quickly.

Submitting a Ticket via The Support Portal

      1.  Visit and either  Sign In or  Sign Up.

      2.   Click on  Tickets
      3.  Click  Add Ticket.  

      4.  Fill out the form and submit.  

Be sure to fill out every field in order to help us solve your issue quickly. 

There is also an option to attach files.  Pictures and videos are very helpful in determining exactly what is going on.  

Submitting a Ticket via Email

      A ticket can be submitting via email by emailing directly.  Please be sure to include all the information listed in the first section so your support request can be processed quickly.  

If critical information is missing like Account Name or the Bridge Serial Number, we will have to await your correspondence in order to diagnose and resolve the issue. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. 

US: +1-512-473-0501 
EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460
ASIA PACIFIC: 81-3-686-5527

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