Analog Camera Encoder Overview/FAQ

Analog Camera Encoder Overview/FAQ

An analog/HD analog to digital encoder allows analog cameras to interface with an EEN Bridge/CMVR over a standard RJ45 ethernet cable. Purchasing a bridge/CMVR that has analog inputs is not necessary when using an encoder. 
When using analog cameras, the quality of the electricity on site is paramount. If the need to troubleshoot cameras arises, a voltimeter will be necessary in order to test the power at each connection point.

I have an HD analog camera connected to an HD analog encoder which is then connected to the EEN bridge/CMVR. Does this mean this camera will stream in HD in the EEN Dashboard?
No, the highest resolution possible when using analog cameras is SD even when using an HD analog encoder.

I successfully added an analog channel from the encoder to the EEN Dashboard and it shows a green check next to it but I am not able to see any video. Why is the view completely black?
In addition to normal troubleshooting steps for any camera, we should verify that the camera is actually sending signal to the encoder by logging into it directly. We suggest utilizing a spot monitor which has a coaxial input so that you can connect the camera directly to the monitor to verify that you can view the stream outside of the EEN system. Additionally, you can try swapping the camera in question with a known working camera to identify the possibility that the issue lies with the coaxial cable/port/camera. 
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