Enabling Privacy Mode

Enabling Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode

This article details how to enable Privacy Mode on an Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS account. 

The purpose of privacy mode is to block access to camera streams to any Administrators, including Resellers or Eagle Eye Employees, that might need to access an Eagle Eye VMS account for support or troubleshooting.  Privacy mode is a popular feature for Eagle Eye VMS users who want administrative help but have privacy or legal concerns about who can view the actual video.

Enabling Privacy Mode

      1.  From the Eagle Eye VMS Dashboard, click the Username in the top right-hand corner.

      2. Click Account Settings from the drop-down menu. 

      3.  Under Account Settings, click to the Privacy tab. 

      3.   Check the Video Privacy check box. 

      4.  Click the Save changes button. 

Privacy Mode will be now be enabled. 

Once Privacy Mode is enabled, any Reseller Administrator or Eagle Eye Employee that logs in will only see a warning that the camera is private and not be able to view the cameras. Uncheck the Video Privacy check box and save changes to disable the feature. 

For support please email: support@een.com 

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