Axis Camera Configuration Guide

Axis Camera Configuration Guide

Axis Camera Configuration Guide

Most Axis camera’s default settings are compatible with our system. The main functionality that needs to be set up for the camera to stream is ONVIF.
Please follow these steps to enable the functionality.

1. Login to your camera and under the System tab select ONVIF.

2. In the ONVIF section create an ONVIF user. The password cannot contain special characters; if the camera requires special characters utilize the “-” or the “_”. Ensure the profile has Administrator privileges and Save.
It is best if the camera login credentials and the ONVIF login are identical. If they are not the same, some features may not work properly.

3. In the Eagle Eye dashboard type the username and password for the ONVIF profile into the camera settings.

If there are still issues please try adjusting the following configurations within the camera.

Ensure the camera is on a currently supported firmware version by checking the Maintenance section under the System tab.

Check our Camera Compatibility List for the minimum required firmware version.
If the camera needs to be updated please follow the instructions within the camera. 

Eagle Eye is not authorized to update third party devices.

In the System tab select Plain Config.

Select the Network option.

In this section disable the following options: Bonjour, IPV6, ZeroConf, UPnP

Once these options are disabled select Save and reboot the device.

For support please email: 

or give us a call at: 512-473-0501

Eagle Eye Knowledge Base

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: 81-3-686-5527

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