Analog Cameras FAQ

Analog Cameras FAQ

Analog Cameras FAQ


Version 2.0

Load Balancing

Eagle Eye Analog Bridges can support up to 16 analog cameras balanced between two analog cards within the unit. If the cameras are not properly balanced this can cause a short and the unit will need to be replaced.

The dongle that comes with our analog capable units has 16 channels. The first set of 8 ports are utilized on 1 analog card while the second set of 8 ports are utilized on the other. The ports are labelled for ease of use.


There are 11 Analog Cameras attached to a unit.
The first set of 8 ports (1-8) will house 5 cameras while the second set (9-16) will house the other 6.
This is properly balanced.

Can I use HD Analog cameras?

Eagle Eye does not support HD Analog cameras natively, however we offer third party encoders to assist with integrating these cameras to your account. You can also purchase your own encoder if you prefer. Below is a link to a list of all the encoders we currently support for your reference.

Bad Signal Protection

What is Bad Signal Protection?

Bad Signal Protection protects your Eagle Eye unit’s analog card from bad or degraded signals being provided by an analog camera. This can be due to a bad camera, cable, power supply, connectors, or environmental factors like surges.

What damage can a bad analog signal cause?

A bad analog signal can cause the analog card in the Eagle Eye unit to crash, causing all analog cameras to drop offline resulting in a loss of recording. In extreme circumstances these signals can cause permanent damage to the unit’s analog card.

How do I know if my inputs are disabled due to a bad signal?

When a bad signal is detected a exclamation mark will be displayed for that camera’s status.

You can access the camera settings by selecting the settings button as shown above.

Once in camera settings a button labeled Reset Bad Signal will be made available so that you can re-enable that input after verifying the camera system is in working order.

After selecting Reset Bad Signal a warning message will be displayed.

I’ve verified my analog cameras, but Bad Signal Protection keeps disabling inputs.

We understand that in some situations Bad Signal Protection may disable analog inputs even if no issues with your analog system can be identified. In this case, you can choose to disable Bad Signal Protection entirely.

Select the checkbox next to Bad Signal Protection to disable this feature.

After selecting to disable Bad Signal Protection a warning message will be displayed.

Once the analog input is re-enabled and the stream is restored, a green check mark will display if the camera stream resumes.

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