Adding a Camera Password to the Password Locker

Adding a Camera Password to the Password Locker

Adding a Camera Password to the Password Locker


Version 2.0


Some third-party IP cameras require a separate set of credentials to be created for ONVIF validation. When creating the profile, it is recommended to use the same login credentials as the camera itself.
This guide will demonstrate how you can resolve the red padlock icon that may show up to the left of the Available Camera by storing these credentials in the account.


1. Click Your Name.
2. Select Account Settings.

3. Click Camera.

4. Input the camera credentials.
5. Click Add.
6. Click Save Changes.

 Since the password locker will now use these credentials to authorize all cameras on the sub-account, it is imperative to disable Illegal Login Lock if the setting exists within a camera. If it is not disabled, the system will lock itself out of the camera.

It will take a few (5-10) minutes for the bridge to communicate the password to the camera. Once the credentials validate, the camera will stream as normal.

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