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            How do I reboot/reset the Eagle Eye NuboCam?

            Follow these simple steps to reboot the Eagle Eye NuboCam:

            Make sure your Eagle Eye NuboCam is unplugged.
            Remove the bottom cap using the screwdriver.
            Press and hold the reset button (see illustration).
            Reapply the power while still holding the reset button, the lights flash blue-red shortly.
            Release the reset button after 5 seconds.
            Wait until the led starts blinking green.
            Reconnect the camera by following the 're-connect' wizard.
            Once the Eagle Eye NuboCam has been re-connected, you can reassemble the bottom cap.

            Please note: It is required to remove the camera from the account in order to reset it

            Updated: 24 Dec 2018 12:34 AM
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