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            Can I install the NuboCam without having WiFi at my location?

            If you want to connect your NuboCam using 4G install, follow the steps below. 

            install SIM into the NuboCam
            Open up the NuboCam by removing the 2 rubber feet on the bottom of the NuboCam. 
            Unscrew the screws located beneath the rubber feet. 
            Plug in the SIM on the right slot. 

            1. Plug your NuboCam in the power socket. Do this by plugging in the Micro USB cable into the Nubo, and the other end of the cable into the power socket. 

            2. Wait for the NuboCam to start its ad-hoc WiFi mode ( green blinking light)

            3. Open the CameraManager Application and navigate to "Add camera". Click on "Add an Eagle Eye Nubocam". 

            the Blue button says "add a camera"
            Lower button has the picture of the Eagle Eye NuboCam

            4. When you are prompted with the message "is the green light blinking?" click on the button below, you should now see the following screen.

            blue button says " the green light is blinking "

            5. If you click on the blue button "the green light is blinking" you will see the message to connect to the WiFi of the NuboCam. 

            6. After you connect to the WiFi network of the NuboCam, go back to the CameraManager application. 

            7. Name your NuboCam.

            8. On the Top-Right corner of the screen you see "mobile set up" . Click on this. 
                The NuboCam will now connect to your SIM card. This can take a few minutes. 

            Updated: 12 Aug 2019 07:13 PM
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