What kind of cable is included with Nubo?

What kind of cable is included with Nubo?

Your Nubo is powered with a Micro USB cable. Only with the official Nubo cable and plug the Nubo Cam is IP-64 ready. The Nubo adapter is not IP-64 and should therefore not be used outside. If you use other cables we cannot guaranty that your Nubo Cam is IP-64. Moisture can enter when using unofficial cables.
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    • What is included in the Eagle Eye NuboCam box?

      The Box comes with everything you need to get started. Check the complete list here. Eagle Eye NuboCam 1.5 meter Micro USB cable Cable Plug (for using your Eagle Eye NuboCam outdoors) Quickstart Guide Screwdriver SIM card 5v USB power charger, ...
    • What does IP-64 mean?

      Nubo is adjustable to weather conditions. When using the provided Micro USB cable and cable plug your Nubo is IP-64. Nubo is protected against water splashes from all directions, but limited ingress is permitted. However Nubo cannot swim and should ...
    • Does my Nubo automatically detect WiFi?

      Nubo is smart, it remembers your Wi-Fi networks and automatically switches to Wi-Fi. Your data usage is saved and your image quality becomes 1080p Full HD. 
    • How many Nubo Cams can I add to my account?

      You can add as many Nubo Cams as you like.
    • Who is the owner of my Nubo video?

      You are the owner of all your Nubo footage. You can learn more on this in our Nubo Privacy and Data Processing Statement. You can find this via: https://www.nubocam.com/terms