What is the difference between "Auto connect" and "Manual connect"?

What is the difference between "Auto connect" and "Manual connect"?

Eagle Eye CameraManager allows you to add the CloudCam in two ways: "Auto connect" or "Manual connect". The differences between the two can be found in the table below.

                                        Auto connect                                            Manual connect 
Connection method

Also known as "Plug & play"

Also known as port forwarded camera

PortforwardingNo port forwarding requiredRequired port forwarding the router
Router configurationNo router configuration requiredYou need to change the router configuration
SecurityCamera not reachable by everyone on the internetCamera reachable by everyone on the internet
RecommendationStrongly recommended for adding camerasNot recommended for adding cameras
Connection initializationCloudCam connects to the Cloud (Camera outbound connection)
Cloud connects to the camera (Camera inbound connection)

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