What do the led lights of my Eagle Eye NuboCam mean?

What do the led lights of my Eagle Eye NuboCam mean?

Off Eagle Eye NuboCam is not powered on
Blue-Blinking Eagle Eye NuboCam is booting up
Blue-Solid Eagle Eye NuboCam is online and connected to the cloud
Blue-Bright Eagle Eye NuboCam has detected motion and is connected
Green-Blinking Eagle Eye NuboCam is in Ad hoc Wi-Fi mode
Red-Solid Eagle Eye NuboCam is not connected to the cloud
Red-Blinking Eagle Eye NuboCam has no internet connection
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    • Which SIMcard dimensions does Eagle Eye NuboCam support?

      The Eagle Eye NuboCam supports micro (3FF) SIMcards. The SIMcard dimensions should be 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm. Whenever your (own) micro SIMcard is differently sized, we advise you to contact your carrier for a SIMcard that matches our specifications as ...
    • How do I reboot/reset the Eagle Eye NuboCam?

      Follow these simple steps to reboot the Eagle Eye NuboCam: Make sure your Eagle Eye NuboCam is unplugged. Remove the bottom cap using the screwdriver. Press and hold the reset button (see illustration). Reapply the power while still holding the reset ...
    • How much power does the Eagle Eye NuboCam consume?

      Eagle Eye NuboCam's power consumption is 1.2A on average usage when the camera is powered on, connected to either 4G or Wi-Fi and is continuously checking motion. Actual power usage depends on factors like light (day/night mode), storage location ...
    • How to setup my Eagle Eye NuboCam?

      To Install your Eagle Eye NuboCam on CameraManager, Please follow the steps below.  Installation over WiFi (If you want to install over 4G, please skip this section)  1. Plug your NuboCam in the power socket. Do this by plugging in the Micro USB ...
    • What is included in the Eagle Eye NuboCam box?

      The Box comes with everything you need to get started. Check the complete list here. Eagle Eye NuboCam 1.5 meter Micro USB cable Cable Plug (for using your Eagle Eye NuboCam outdoors) Quickstart Guide Screwdriver SIM card 5v USB power charger, ...