Vivotek IP Camera Configuration

Vivotek IP Camera Configuration

Vivotek IP Camera Configuration

This article details how to configure a Vivotek IP camera for streaming on the Eagle Eye VMS.  Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) must be disabled inside the camera's internal settings in order for the camera to stream, or in some cases, to even populate in the Available Cameras section of the Eagle Eye Dashboard.  

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a networking technology that provides automatic IP configuration and dynamic discovery of devices added to a network. 

How to disable Universal Plug and Play  

1.  Log into the Vivotek camera (set username and password if not completed yet)
2.  Navigate to Network -> General settings -> Network type -> LAN
3.  Disable UPnP presentation by unchecking the box

4.  Press the  Save button
5.  Power-cycle the camera

The camera should now stream or appear as available to add in the  Available Cameras section of the Eagle Eye Dashboard or Mobile App.  

Camera still not showing up? If it is connected to a third-party  managed switch: please ensure multicasting is enabled and IGMP snooping is disabled. Eagle Eye requires that any third-party switch allows WS-discovery (which is usually enabled when enabling multicasting).  If WS-is still blocked or cannot be enabled by a third-party switch, the camera can be learned into the system by plugging it into the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR with a dumb switch or POE injector, adding the camera, and then putting the camera back on the third-party switch.  Once the camera is learned into the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR, it should stream normally.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. 

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