Mobile Bridge Configurator Guide

Mobile Bridge Configurator Guide

1.1 What You Will Need

  1. An Android or iPhone device that is capable of running mobile apps

  2. USB Type A (normal PC connector) to USB Type C connector (for Android) OR Apple Lightning connector (for iPhone)

1.2 Getting Started

  • In order to use the Eagle Eye Mobile Bridge Configurator you will first need to download the Eagle Eye Viewer app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

  • In the Eagle Eye Viewer app, log in to any of your user accounts (not a demo user).

  • Connect your phone or tablet to the bridge via a USB cable. This will open a login screen directly to the bridge.

    • If the login screen does not appear, try unplugging your phone and plugging it back into the bridge/CMVR.

    • If you continue to have issues connecting to the bridge, please see Common Issues (at the bottom of this article).


  • In order to log in to the Bridge Configurator you need to enter the username and password of the bridge you are connected to.

    • Username: admin

    • Password: last 5 numbers of the bridge serial number
      Ex. (EEN-BR304-89672)

1.3 Bridge Configurator Menu Items

  • Serial -The Serial number is unique to each bridge, Support may ask for this

  • Attach ID - this is needed to add the bridge to an account

  • Firmware Version - Firmware the bridge is currently running on

  • Model - Bridge/CMVR model

  • State - this explains whether the bridge is attached to an account

  • Routing - provides a quick snapshot of the route the bridge is using to connect to the EEN Cloud

  • ESN - an internal # associated with the bridge/CMVR, Support may ask for this

1.4 Bridge Configurator Menu Configurable Settings

  • Using the Bridge Configurator, you are able to change the settings for both the CamLan and the Wan, erase bridge data, and reboot the bridge.

    • To configure network settings for the Wan or Camlan, select Network Interface Settings and then Wan or CamLAN. Here you can set the Wan to DHCP (default) or Static, in which case you’ll need to enter all required network settings for a static network.

1.5 Bridge Configurator Network Diagnostic

2.1 Common Issues

I plugged my phone to the bridge, but the Mobile Bridge Configurator doesn’t pop up. What should I do?

Try the options listed below, in order.

  1. Make sure you haven’t logged in to a demo account (you can check this in User Settings).

  2. Unplug your phone, then try plugging in again.

  3. Plug the USB cable into the phone after you have logged to the Eagle Eye Networks account.

  4. Manually hold the USB cable into your phone/device in case there is a poor physical connection with the cable.

  5. For Android users: make sure that USB debugging is enabled (see below for more information about how to check and/or enable).

  6. Restart your phone then try to connect again.

  7. Reboot bridge then try to connect again.

  8. If all the above options fail, please contact Support.

How do I enable USB debugging mode on my Android device?

Instructions may vary depending on device manufacturer. If these settings are not exact for your device, please search the Internet for USB debugging on your specific model device.

  1. Go to your device settings.

  2. Select About phone.

  3. Then select Software Information.

  4. Touch Build number or MIUI number several times until you see the message “Developer mode has been enabled’’.

  5. Go back to the device settings, and select Developer Options.

  6. Enable USB debugging.

Click here for Android’s Guide for enabling USB debugging.

Click here for a demo of the process.

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