Finding the Attach ID

Finding Attach ID

The Attach ID

The Attach ID is a 16-digit number composed of upper case letters and numbers in groups of four (for example, 55A5-55A5-55A5-55A5).  When adding an Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR to an Eagle Eye VMS Account, the Attach ID will be required.  When you receive an Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR, the Attach ID will be included with the unit.  

Log in with an HDMI Monitor and Keyboard

      1.  Plug in an HDMI monitor and keyboard to your bridge.  
      2. Log in to the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR using the user name and password provided by Eagle Eye.   
The local login credentials are different than the credentials used to log in to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.  If you do not know how to log in locally to the bridge, please contact Technical Support with your Support PIN

 Finding Attach ID     

      3.  From the main menu, select System Info.
TIP: Use <TAB> to navigate between elements and <ENTER> to select, and <SPACE> to press buttons.

      4.  The Attach ID will be displayed in the System Info window.  

Method 2: Log in with a PC

Connecting via PuTTY

  1. Download PuTTY
  2. Ensure your laptop's network interface is set to DHCP
  3. Connect your laptop directly into the CamLAN port of the bridge/CMVR
  4. Run Putty
  5. Enter into the Host Name bar
  6. Enter 22 into the Port Name bar
  7. You may receive a PuTTY Security Alert, select No
  8. Enter the login information provided by Eagle Eye Networks support.
  9. Select System Info and the Attach ID will be in the information displayed.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. 

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: 81-3-686-5527

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