Eagle Eye Networks Offline Bridge Troubleshooting Guide

Eagle Eye Networks Offline Bridge Troubleshooting Guide

Eagle Eye Networks Offline Bridge Troubleshooting Guide

A guide to troubleshoot an offline Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR.

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This troubleshooting guide is for reference only.  
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Precautions for use: 
  1. Device operability is subject to network capabilities of the install location. 
  2. Handle the device with care. Do not apply shock or drop the device. Failure to adhere may cause the device to malfunction. 
  3. This device is designed to be used indoors. 
  4. Do not directly disconnect the device from the power when running. Power down by pressing the power button on the front of the device. 
  5. Do not use the device in hot or humid environments for an extended period of time. Failure to adhere causes component degradation and shortened life span of the device. 
  6. Do not expose the device to a direct heat source. 

Getting Started 

Requirements: HDMI Monitor and USB Keyboard

Eagle Eye Networks Technical Support requires that technicians have an HDMI Monitor and USB Keyboard for all offline Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR troubleshooting. A monitor and keyboard provide direct access to the unit where a technician can perform Network Diagnostics, set internal network configuration settings, see error messages, or recover the device with help from Eagle Eye Networks Technical Support.  

First Steps:  Verify

  • Ethernet Cables

    • Please ensure the ethernet cables connected to the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR are tested and connected securely. 

  • Power Status

    • Please make sure the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR is getting power.  

  • Network Connectivity

    • Please verify the network connectivity to the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR.  

      • For example, can the internet be reached from the same ethernet cable that is connected to the Eagle Eye Bridge’s WAN port? 

    • Have network settings changed?  Please ensure that the network’s firewall settings are configured according to Eagle Eye’s Firewall Configuration Guidelines.

PuTTY Troubleshooting

If a monitor and keyboard is not available you can utilize the third party program, Putty.
  1. Download PuTTY.
  2. Ensure your laptop's network interface is set to DHCP (Guide).
  3. Connect your laptop directly to the CamLAN port of the bridge/CMVR.
  4. Run PuTTY.
  5. Enter into the Hostname field.
  6. Enter 22 into the Port Number field for V2(plat 1)  and port 33022 for V3 (plat2)
  7. Select the SSH connection type and press “Open”.
  8. You may receive a PuTTY Security Alert, select No.
  9. When prompted login using admin and the password, which is the last five digits of the bridge serial number (EEN-BR304-12345). The password will not appear as it's being entered.
  10.  Press enter after you have entered the password.
  11. You have a tunnel? Run network diagnostics.


If the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR is still offline after verifying Ethernet Cables, Power Status, and Network connectivity, please attempt the following:  

Power-Cycle the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR

      1. Power off the Eagle Eye BridgeCMVR by pressing the power button.  

With certain models, the power button will need to be held down until the unit powers down.

      2. Unplug the power adapter.

Only use this option if the power button does not cycle the device.

      3. Reconnect the power adapter and boot the Eagle Eye bridge.

Wait 5 minutes to check if the Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR comes online.  If not, please continue.

Run Network Diagnostics

A login prompt will be displayed. If the screen does not prompt for a login, press the Q key.  If there is an error code on the screen, please contact Eagle Eye Networks Technical Support. 

      4. Log into the Eagle Eye internal menu. With username "admin" and password "last 5 of serial number".

      5. Using the arrow keys navigate to Network Diagnostic Info or Run Network Diagnostics.

      6. If Network Diagnostic fails, check the local network’s firewall configuration, internet connectivity, and physical connections.

          If Network Diagnostic passes and the Eagle Eye bridge remains offline please contact Eagle Eye Networks Technical Support.

Contacting Support: Required Information

When contacting Eagle Eye Technical Support, it is important to include as much information about the issue as possible.  

Please Include:  

  1. Your Eagle Eye user email and Support PIN (located in “My profile” on the Eagle Eye VMS Dashboard”).

  2. Serial Number or Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR (ex. EEN-BR304-00001) 

  3. Attach any pictures of error messages.

  4. Please include troubleshooting steps, any environmental details that may be pertinent, or any other details that may help diagnose the issue.  

For support please email: support@een.com 

or give us a call at: 512-473-0501

Eagle Eye Knowledge Base

US: +1-512-473-0501 

EU: 31 (0) 20 26 10 460

ASIA PACIFIC: 81-3-686-5527

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