Bridge Configurator Menu Guide

Bridge Configurator Menu Guide

Bridge Configurator Menu Guide

The Bridge Configurator Menu is available on CMVRs
This guide describes what options exist in the Bridge Configurator Menu in order to connect to a bridge. For detailed instructions for troubleshooting offline bridges, please follow the steps described in this guide:

1.1 System Info

This part of the Bridge Configurator Menu shows useful information about the bridge.

  • Serial - The serial number is unique to each Bridge; Support may ask for this

  • Attach ID - This is needed to add the Bridge to an account

  • Firmware Version - Version number of the firmware the Bridge/CMVR is running

  • Model - Bridge/CMVR model

  • State - This explains whether the Bridge is attached to an account

  • Routing - Provides a quick snapshot of the route the Bridge is using to connect to the EEN Cloud

  • ESN - An internal # associated with the Bridge/CMVR; Support may ask for this

1.2 Configure WAN

This is where you change settings for the Bridge/CMVR’s WAN. You can set the WAN port of the Bridge to Static or DHCP.
note: Make sure your router can accommodate these settings.
IE. If your router has its DHCP server turned off make sure to set the bridge to Static in the correct network range.

 If needed, you can also set the Default Gateway and the Primary and Secondary DNS from this menu.

1.3 Configure CamLAN

Here  you can change settings for the Bridge/CMVR’s CamLAN. You can toggle the DHCP server on CamLAN port of the Bridge. You are able to choose the ip address on the CamLAN port and the Netmask of the CamLAN network if you disable the DHCP server.

1.4 Running Network Diagnostic

  1. In the configuration menu, navigate to Run Network Diagnostic.

  1. Once the test has been completed, please verify the status of all connections as shown below:

The following two tests may appear as Bad but will not impact performance or connectivity:

  • Eagle Eye Networks Main Website (HTTPS): Bad (0/5)

  • Secondary Eagle Eye Support Server (TCP/50000): Bad (0/5)

If any tests other than the ones listed above fail, please provide the customer with the KB link for Firewall Configuration which can be found here. If all tests pass, please refer to the reporting section at the end of this document.

Administration Options

Reboot Device

With this option you can force the bridge to do a hard restart.

Factory Reset

This option will fully reset the settings on the Bridge. Any CamLAN or WAN settings will be set back to default (DHCP and Dynamic respectively).

Change password

With this option you can change the password of the bridge, DO NOT LOSE THIS PASSWORD.

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